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In today's health conscious society, it's easy to offend someone and hard to please the masses. But follow my guide and you will find that food selections don't have to be difficult and can actually bring new ideas and recipes to your table. Let's start with your own diet. Think of anything you refuse to eat, whether it's carbs, sugar, meat or vegetables. Now take that idea and push it to the side for a moment. This is important when selecting your menu options. Think like your guests and have an open mind. Everyone eats differently and everyone should have the option of selecting what they will eat. You don't have to eat the bread rolls on the table, but allow your guests to make that decision to indulge.

Now, remember that idea we told you to set aside, let's bring that back for a moment. Ever hear about the latest diet fads? You may even partake in one or two of them. This is awesome! And, the good news is, when you throw an event, you have the option to share this new you with your closest friends and family. While it's nice to introduce someone to your way of eating, it may not be best to build your entire menu around that style of eating. Unless that's the theme of the party.

If so, be sure to communicate this with your guests, and try not to be offended if someone refuses. In case there are any guests that are not enjoying the food, it's best to have back up options and other types of snacks you may typically find at a party. This is not mandatory, but is a best practice when planning any event. I find that appetizers are the best way to offer diet specific foods and offer a plethora of options for the main course. This allows guests to sample the diet and not have to starve in case the appetizers are not (ful)filling!

Maybe give this a try:


  • What you need:

    • 12 Slider buns

    • 6 slices bacon, cooked

    • 1 c. white cheddar, shredded

    • 12 eggs

    • 2 tbsp. chives, chopped

    • Kosher salt

    • Freshly cracked pepper

  • Directions:

    • Preheat oven to 350°F.

    • Place slider buns in a baking pan. Using a paring knife, cut wells out of slider buns. Cut bacon slices in half crosswise, then lay a strip of bacon inside each bun, folding the bacon strip over the edges of the well. Sprinkle with cheddar then carefully crack an egg into each well. (Depending on the size of your slider buns, you may need to use less egg white.) Too complicated? Scramble before pouring!

    • Season with salt, pepper and chives. Bake for 10-12 minutes, until the eggs are cooked through.

    • Since there are so many food options out there, I recommend surfing the net for the most appropriate recipes for you. If you are planning on catering your event, be sure to check with your caterer about different options available. It doesn't hurt to ask or explore the secret menu.

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